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Welcome to the mystical witches journey in the music video for Keren's latest single entitled 'It goes'. A song about life in all it's normality represented mystically, because we all need a little magic in our lives, right?

The music video which was captured in winter, in New Zealand's South Island city of Christchurch, showcases Keren as the 'witch' in the act of creating a ritual to call on the Goddess (performed by the beautiful Taleta), bringing her into the 3d.

Having recently spent some time improving her production skills, and with pre-released (alternative/folk/electronic) self produced works including 'Orange baby', and 2020's 'Pandora's box. "IT GOES" is Keren's First single release this year, with more self produced works to come, and adding to her collection over the next few moons.

Having developed a love of story telling through being raised on artists such as Pink, Mariah Carey and Leeanne Rhymes, Keren's musical style is eclectic at best- and this collection of works reflects that.

With this project Keren's production style attempts to connect the auditory (sound and effects) with the lyrical content and story, rather than focusing on being genre specific.

Inspired by powerful songstresses such as LeeAnn Rhimes, and the soulful musings delivered by Amy Winehouse, seduced by Sade, and schooled in life by Leonard Cohen, Christchurch based Keren Mara is a singer/songwriter/producer attracted to raw heartfelt vocals and acoustic vibes. And with a love of emotional expression through song narrative, Keren Mara has developed her art form, over the past 5 years, through her completion of a music degree at Ara Music arts. Her musicality serves as a form of self-healing from trauma and loss, and she expresses this through the medium of easy-listening, electronic, pop/folk music.


Easy listening, acoustic/singer-songwriter, alt- contemporary/electronic with folk vibes, along with strong, catchy, vocals and melodies. (Unsigned, self-produced and published)

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